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“People come and go. Some are cigarette breaks, others are forest fires.”
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“Everybody isn’t your friend. Just because they hang around you and laugh with you doesn’t mean they’re for you. Just because they say they got your back, doesn’t mean they won’t stab you in it. People pretend well. Jealousy sometimes doesn’t live far. So know your circle. At the end of the day, real situations expose fake people, so pay attention.”
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“Have you ever thought that maybe, just maybe you deserve something more? But then again you think maybe you’re asking for too much?”
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“Even in friendship, do it your best. Try everything possible to win your friend’s heart.”
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“I wish I could be more. But not for you. Fuck you. I want to be more for myself.”
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This is the most accurate thing I’ve ever seen in my ENTIRE LIFE

ive been at that watch tv step for a while

This so hard

It’s difficult, but it’s possible to balance all. It’s possible

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“if you have a voice use it. it wasn’t placed there for decoration. give somebody hope, inspire yourself. speak good things into existence.”
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My pride is stronger than my feelings. don’t try to play me.

I could think of you 24/7 and you still wouldn’t hear from me.

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“You can tell so much about a person by the way they leave you”
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“Kiss the stranger who makes you feel alive, but don’t go home with them. Drink the bottle of alcohol your parents locked in the cabinet when they go out to dinner but make sure you hide the blades before you black out. Call your ex at 3am crying about how much you fucking miss them, then delete their number. Get in the car and drive an hour away, ten states away, drive until you feel okay again then drive home and hug everyone you love.”
— It’s okay to lose yourself as long as you come home. (via jessielou24)

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